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Thread: Oudtshoorn... any fishing even in a dam??

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    The trout river you can fish without paying access etc.
    But very few trout, rather go for good bass than a maybe 2 or 3 trout for the day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Booger Rose View Post
    Not really the best time of year for fishing.

    Raubenhaimer dam has lots of bass. Well, just about all the dams in the area has a lot of bass, but access is a problem. Place to stay near the dam: nice resort about 25 km out of town towards Cango caves. We used to park in the resort and climb up the dam wall, go over the fence to fish the dam. If you are lucky and want to work really hard, you can walk all the way to the inlet of the dam (The one to the left) and maybe get yourself one of the secret troots of the area. But.... hard work and not really an option. There is also a small dam in the resort with bass and carp.

    When you are in the area, go and visit the Rust en Vrede Waterfall - truly amazingly beautiful. Just past the Raubenhaimer dam towards De Rust. Well worth the effort. Also great drive to take that dirt road and drive all the way to De Rust for a cold one. Some drive past some dams on this road, always worth it to cast a fly until the farmer come to chase you away. But don't worry, you normally score a good cup of coffee and make a new friend as well. This area is full of friendly people!

    Near Schoemanshoek (16 km towards Cango Caves) is a new place: I used to live in this area some years back and this dam were then full of small easy to catch carp and some big bass - read 1.5kg and up.

    The yellows will be hard work that time of year. All in the Gourits system and if you want to hook up, send me a PM. But this is normally a full day trip.

    You can also try the Olifants river just outside of town - 15 km towards Calitzdorp - yellows and bass. I've blanked more times than catching here, but when the fishing is on, it is ON!

    Trout - HHmmm? the locals don't give up their secrets for a weekend warrior, also not in still waters. Another PM might be necessary.

    In August the chances are very good for snow on the Swartberge, so be warm and make a plan to go over the pass to play in the snow, might be easier than to try and catch fish.
    Thanks for this some great info there.... yep august will be chilly I am sure in the Karoo, will try the oppidam option and go from there, thanks for the info... Time will be split between hockey matches and other activities but all the afternoons I will get a few hours to myself so a dam onsite would be great.
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