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    Hi. I am new to the forum. About a year into flyfishing. I do bow hunting with traditional bows. Mostly small buck and birdsDid some bowfishing. All for the pot.

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    Welcome, Sure you will find lots of fishing info on the forum.
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    hi Bowhunter,
    i first read this intro a few days back and didnt greet you because i thought i'd hear more from you elsewhere on the forum. behold, soon enough your interest in shooting trout in the cape streams surfaced, me on the other hand was confused because others calling it a hoax or someone trolling. to now the trolling continues and genuinely starting to think that you are for real. today, your comment on a large yellow has gone deep under my skin and therefore i'm an bit concerned that you drolling from the mouth and sharpining your arrow point.
    my question to you, would it be better or best suited for you to rather shoot rodents from imformal settlements?


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