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Thread: 5wt rods?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Circus View Post
    Getting back to the original question about 5-weight rods.
    I reckon 80% of 5-weight rods are sold to people who fish less than 20 days per year.
    Shop owners give advice to those who need it: Andre doesn't want advice, but Billy-Bob is confused.
    The 9’ #5 that the shop owner sells Billy will handle still-water trout, vaal yellows and isn’t a disaster for 1 day a year of river trout.
    It will cast further/easier than a #4, but won’t tire him out like a #6 (he’s unfit and his casting is iffy). So Billy feels happy and will enjoy the sport more which creates repeat business.
    Then, smart shop owners start threads to encourage more sophisticated anglers to get more specialised tools.
    Agree David , for the casual fly fishers this is the tool to get into the sport. Most beginners also ask for a rod to cover different types of fishing and we also suggest that a 5, 6, 5/6 is a good start. My initial post was aimed more at fly fishers who have some experience.

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    Sterkfontein probably also sells many 5wt.'s with some dry fly and small nymph fishing on light tippets.

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    a 10" #5 rod is a lovely rod for fishing thin tippets and buzzer patterns on still waters.
    Korrie Broos

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    Quote Originally Posted by Winelands Fly Fishing View Post
    My initial post was aimed more at fly fishers who have some experience.
    Point taken. If I had R50k and had to start my quiver from scratch today, I would likely buy a 8' #2, 11' #2, 10' #4 and a 9' #6.
    But new rods are expensive and a 2, 3, 5, 7 quiver also covers a lot of ground and incorporates quality #5's that were bought when I was simpler.

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