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Thread: wanted used 7/8 wt fly reel and / or some 8/9 wt Wff line

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    Default wanted used 7/8 wt fly reel and / or some 8/9 wt Wff line

    Hi im just getting into the fly side of life and don't wanna break the bank just yet.
    Basically im looking for a used decent quality 7/8 reel and or some 8/9 Wt wff line to get of the ground with this summer for some saltwater vlei/estuary fishing for leeries etc.
    I fish spinning and other equipment for inshore gamefish from a kayak so really only anticipate using the 7/8 in estuary and at the vlei at this stage.
    Don't mind if its an old model reel as long as it can handle some salt.
    I'm sure someone may have one tucked away somewhere that they could let go.
    It will be going onto an old abu carbolite 678 or a hardy richard walker resevoir superlite #7/8 .
    Thanks , James

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    James - also saw some of your posts on BF. I have two floating shooting heads that will do the trick possibly, they have been used on 8wt setups (actually got them from Alan) . I do also have an old reel you are welcome to, although I am currently using it as a line storage device (also has a spare spool). it's a Kilwell Genesis 7/9wt - pretty useless fly reels because some of the internals came apart after a short while hence it has no drag to speak of. I'm in hout bay - you can phone or what'sapp me - O8249O53O4. Willie


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