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    bit of a sad story. i used to work for SAA and stayed over in dakar on countless occasions over a good few years. the sad part....i never wet a line in all those times. i used to chase a little white ball around in the blazing sun. these pictures are actually catches a friend of mine made while there, and he sent to me just to show me what i missed out on. these fish were caught on sprat spoons and spinning gear. i do know the area quite well though. the rocks towards the far left behind the golf course has some deeper points that can be fished when the wind is not too hectic. towards the front (sea side) of the hotel, the water is a bit shallower. the hotel has a little rocky outcrop/jetty that is used to pick up people in local boats for trips. it might be a good idea to go out with one of the locals on a small boat if you are brave enough. fishing should be good, as there is plenty bird activity not far offshore.
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    Ile see when ime there what is available. Thanks for all the info guys. Those pics are getting me more amped to get my bags packed. after my trip ile do a little writeup and share what happend. maybe there is even something to get the jealousy bones going hahaha..

    regards and tight lines.

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