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Thread: Epic glass vs redington butterstick

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    Default Epic glass vs redington butterstick

    Hi looking for some advice, I am thinking about getting a glass 3wt rod for fishing the streams down here in the Cape. Have looked at the butterstick up in Jhb at Mias and was happy with the look and feel of the rod, but the epic comes in at a pretty similar price. Online I can't find much about which is the better stick was wondering if anybody out there has experience with these 2 rods and what they think of each?

    Ps wife going to canada next week so might ask her to pick me up a small present

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    Sorry, but my only experience with glass rods is 3 casts on a lawn.
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    I am probably biased , but also certainly biased because of right reason

    Nothing wrong with Redington ,but what is wrong is that two rods are not in the same league .
    That's why one cannot compare it ,its not fair .

    Epic #3 weight is a helluva rod , and without knowing it is a glass , one will may think it is a carbon ,but very alive , sensitive ,real-progressive , responsive, load/unload from tip to the bottom , soul-plenty but surprisingly fast tip recovery carbon .

    Since carbon will never be like that , so it must be Epic Fast Glass

    Carbon rod presents the fly like a carbon rod and does the distance like a carbon rod.
    The same thing applies to glass rod , presents and does the distance like a glass, since it is a bloody glass rod after all .

    Where the Epic is ultimate rod , is that Epic Fast Glass present the fly with noble delicacy of glass , but it can also kick the medium and long distance almost as any other today's carbon rod .

    Main subject to distance is line speed and shape , ie fast , narrow loops .
    Main subject to noble, delicate presentation is slow , softenly opened loops.

    So , I guess you got a picture .

    Traditional , fibreglassroders do not accept Epic to be real glass rod , probably since amazingly fast recovery speed , where from other side carbon stiff lovers think Epic is not enough "broomstickly" stiff for them .

    So, the truth is that Epic is league by it self , so , both wet noodle traditionalists and wet broomstick lovers can go to hell :biggrin: admire

    (Rodrigo Duterte Style is so addictive , I couldn't resist !! LOL )

    Contact Derek Smith , he may have one #3 Epic on the shelf if not sold already ....
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    If you can - try to cast them. Its a love or hate thing with glass for many people, so before you commit make sure you really enjoy them.

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