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Thread: Right dry for dry/dropper on Kzn streams?

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    Default Right dry for dry/dropper on Kzn streams?

    I usually just fish a small nymph under an indicator for my stream fishing.
    Want to try the dry/dropper rig setup.
    For those who fish kzn streams and use this technique whats a recommended dry?
    I fish mainly 2 & 3 weights.

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    Hi i was successful with (order of preference), RAB's, ELK hair caddis, Red Humpy's, Parrachute Adams and hoppers.

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    did you find the fish would hit the dry more often?

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    Jut depends, try and match the hatch, but RAB's were more successful for me on the bushmans river.

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    Tabanas. #16
    Probably my favourite general "searching" dry dropper pattern.
    and the F&K with the 4 CDC feathers are extremly boyant

    After the Jiri Pejchar was here last year and showed us the relevance of the Cz Style Dry dropper Nymphing and Pascal and the French with their 2 meter dropper for slower water. Dry dropper nymphing has a definite place in fly fishing.
    Korrie Broos

    Don't go knocking on Death's door, ring the bell and run like hell. He hates it. (anon)
    Nymphing, adds depth to your fly fishing.
    Nymphing, is fly fishing in another dimension


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