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    Hi GUys

    i am looking for two types of thread for two different applications.

    1. what is the best thread for spinning deer hair for bugs from size 12 to 2/0 hooks. on a recent trip to the breede i managed three grunter on some of my own deehair fuglies but i wasnt happy with them. i didnt get the desired compaction and shape so i want to improve my technique. i look the fly tying gurus here for some tips and techniques.

    2. what is the best thread to split and create a dubbing noodle for hook sizes 18 to 10 ?

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    You can use Nanosilk 12/0 for both applications just be careful not to cut the hair when exerting pressure when spinning. Another "saver" alternative for spinning is Danville's 210 denier thread. Nowadays for split thread techniques (small flies) I use Grip's new micro thread. It's actually two strands of thread on the spool making the "split" very easy and convenient. For my streamer flies I use Nanosilk but here I prefer a dubbing loop when needed. UTC 70 or 140 denier splits well too!
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    Thanks for the recommendation. That grip micro thread really got my attention.

    I purchased Veevus power thread in the 140 and 240. It is seriously stong stuff, flat and splits easily. I got it from streamx.


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