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Thread: The Mission Fly Fishing magazine

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    Default The Mission Fly Fishing magazine

    After a Christmas lunch yesterday I wasn't in the head space to go into town and attend the official launch of The Mission at the Labia but I did get a copy of the magazine. I'm impressed with what the guys have done. Their's is a fresh approach - more like The Drake - not super technical or just a thinly disguised travelogue with a helpful outfitter's ad in the middle of the piece. Most importantly, the quality of the writing is good. I quite like what Vagabond is doing but some of the writing is pretty dire.

    I found the piece profiling Keith Rose-Innes especially interesting and I was delighted to see something by MC. I wish TC-D, BB and Conrad all the best in this new venture!

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    Yip, lovely magazine.

    I just love the front page, an absolute classic picture.
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