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    Cool First barbel on fly

    We went to Eendekuil on the Vaal River on 7 January to target yellows on fly. The river was very dirty from all the rain and it was flowing quite strong. We started fishing and I was working one of the island banks. I was fishing with a 6wt rod, a #16 PTN hotspot on, and a 3x leader. We were getting stuck quite alot. I put in a cast and i thought i got stuck. The next thing, there was movement on my line, and got snagged arround a branch in the water. I reached in and freed my line and then all hell broke loose! The fish ran +- 30m of line down stream. I went after the fish, stumbling over rocks, trying to stop it. I eventially got the fish into some deeper water and the fight was on. The fish was trying its best to go toward trees and I managed to keep it away. One of the guys came to help me land the fish, but it was not ready to end the fight. 20 minutes later, I had a 6kg barbel in the landing net (struggled to fit in the net). This is my first barbel on fly, and also the biggest fish i have caught on fly. What an awesome fight! I have attached a pic of the barbel.
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