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Thread: Western Cape Newbie - Saltwater fishing spots

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    Default Western Cape Newbie - Saltwater fishing spots

    I moved down to the Cape (stellenbosch) recently and am looking for some decent saltwater flyfishing locations that within (say) 2-3 hours drive away. I'm a bit of a saltwater newbie but have done loads of freshwater fly fishing. People have mentioned Hermanus, strand, Gordon's bay, which are all pretty close. But if you're used to fishing in a dam or river (as I am), knowing when and where to fish in the sea is a bit of a mystery.

    So any suggestions on where to get started would be appreciated. At this stage, it's more about catching something/anything then targeting a specific species or trophy fish!

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    Chat to Phillip at Winelands fly fishing, he is around the corner from you and owner of the forum
    Korrie Broos

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