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Thread: Salt - Match the Hatch

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    I have posted this before but more appropriate here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by occie View Post
    Took some photos of these little river crabs also from Stilbaai.
    Grunter go mad for them and chase after them in amongst the grass.
    Just to confirm I caught a few and put them on and caught three grunter in 5 casts.

    My first attempt at imitating one of these crabs.
    Not the best picture.
    Also tied a goby and prawn.

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    For a first attempt, it is a good start.
    The pinchers on the one side might get your fly to spin.
    Try tying it facing either backwards or forwards.
    When a crab defends itself, it will be facing the attacker and move slowly backwards.
    So it might be a good idea to have the pinchers to the bend of the hook
    Korrie Broos

    Don't go knocking on Death's door, ring the bell and run like hell. He hates it. (anon)
    Nymphing, adds depth to your fly fishing.
    Nymphing, is fly fishing in another dimension

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    We have just relocated to Stilbaai and I have set up a little saltwater tank. I hope to add to this thread and design more fly patterns while studying all the critters and baitfish. Also trying different presentations etc.

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    Nice sien uit!

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    Have been very busy lately with the move, fly tying etc etc. We have set up a small salt tank and it has been very interesting, me and the boys change the residents on a weekly basis, and have had great entertainment. What is pleasing to see is the amount of pipe fish we catch amongst the eel grass, we have had a little 15cm Octopus which was very cool. A sea urchin has lots more personality than I thought carrying many of the dead sea urchin shells on its head and moving a lot quicker than I thought.

    Well, apart from the entertainment I enjoy studying the food we want to imitate with our flies and hopefully can come up with some cool effective fly patterns.

    Herewith a few pics. I am not sure what the critter in the first pic is, anyone have a clue? She carried a little baby on her stomach, looks almost like a centipede and rather vicious, about 8cm in length and netted amongst the eel grass.

    Not great pic, but this is a big ghost shrimp, close to 7cm, the others are tiny, 2-3cm

    Dried out dead shrimp to see more detail

    Sand Goby

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    That's pretty amazing mate.
    Be awesome to have a salt tank.

    The details on that dried ghost shrimp are really intricate.

    Very interested to see what you come up with in regards to mud prawn designs.
    If it's fair game.

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    Please keep this thread going, will be great to see what you come up with to replicate the critters in the estuary!

    How is the fishing in Stilbaai at the moment? Thinking of making a trip early in the new year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Booger Rose View Post
    Please keep this thread going, will be great to see what you come up with to replicate the critters in the estuary!

    How is the fishing in Stilbaai at the moment? Thinking of making a trip early in the new year.
    Will do Eduard and hopefully can tie up a few effective patterns.

    The estuary has been slowish in general. Some grunter, Kobbies picking up, a 20kg fish came out in the past week. Seems to be picking up. Breede is pumping, not to sure about Gouritz. Got a young kobbie yesterday, with spring tide coming up I hope to put in more time and pick up some decent fish. Very busy on the flea binding side. Local R&S guys caught some great fish in the past few weeks, Bronzies, Crackers and Kob.

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    Caught this baitfish in a rock pool at the sea, it is pretty much translucent and I am not sure what it is.Possibly a juvenile of some sorts. Approx 10cm long. Pics are not great because of water and fish movement in the tank.

    The obvious triggers are:

    - Big eyes.
    - Very obvious lateral silver line.
    - Silver Belly/Intestines.
    - Silver gill plates.
    - Chartreuse/Pearl colour of eyes and what I believe to be the brain when viewed from the top.

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