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Thread: Salt water materials looking for a new home

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    Default Salt water materials looking for a new home

    I haven't done any salt water flyfishing for a few years now, and are unlikely to do it again, so, decided to keep only my freshwater fly tying materials. It includes synthetic fibres, feathers, deer hair, flash, dumbells, eyes, hooks, popper bodies, foam, glitter, shiny braid, some thread. You will have everything to tie some basics like clousers and charlies with it.

    So, if anyone, preferably someone trying to get into it, or someone in the process of introducing a youngster to tying for the salt, has some use for this, let me know, I'll pass it on for a small donation to Guide Dogs Association. You decide how much it's worth to you. Leaving it to sit on my shelves makes no sense.

    I'm based in Cape Town, so would prefer you to collect in the Southern Suburbs. Contact me on 082 577 2795 or leave a message.
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