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Thread: Fishing deeper pools in rivers?

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    Default Fishing deeper pools in rivers?

    I fish mainly the shallower,reasonably fast flowing areas of rivers/streams with an indicator or dry/dropper with pretty decent success.
    I often run into largish pools with undercut banks,clearish water and very little sign of moving water.The pools are deep,probably 6ft or deeper.
    I there a specific way to fish these pools.An intermediate/sinking line from the bank?Downstream from the head of the pool (heresy).Upstream from the tail into the deep water?
    What flies?
    Id be interested what would be recommended in these situations?

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    Hi Ryan,

    Often the bigger fish in a river are found in these pools. In my experience:

    • - It helps to take some time and just have a look at the pool, spotting fish, looking for movement, rises etc. not just starting to cast randomly.
    • - Often fish can be found in the tail of the pool, where it funnels out into a run. If you spook these fish, they will alert the rest of the pool, diminishing your chances considerably.
    • - Fishing a hatch on a pool, people tend to cast too much and disturb the pool. If you not satisfied with where the flies ended up, continue with the drift, don't pick it up and recast.
    • - If the fish go down in a hatch, rest the pool till they start feeding again.
    • - Fishing streamers, sweeping a pool from an upstream position can be very effective. Often cast short of the head of the pool and then let the fly drift into the head of the pool (also with dries and nymphs).
    • - Stick your rod tip below the surface into the undercuts - stripping a streamer.

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    Thanks Philip some good advice there...would you say always using a floater?

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    I believe and intermediate can be a better option at times on our rivers, the angle of presentation changes, you can get deeper if needed and the line doesn't crease the surface.


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