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Thread: Sage Method 697-4 with blue wraps

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    Default Sage Method 697-4 with blue wraps

    Here's a Sage Method 9'6", 4 pce, 6wt rod I completed recently for someone. After doing many test wraps he chose dark blue wraps with electric blue trim wraps. Far from the normal rust wraps as per the factory rod!
    I also turned him a Rhodesian Teak reel seat insert (he's an ex-Rhodie) and did a complete custom grip etc. I must be honest, dark blue wraps would not have been my first choice, but now that it's done I kinda like it! And it's certainly one of a kind.
    Rest of the components are tich Recoil snake guides and AmTack Hialoy stripping guides. I put alignment dots on for him as well.
    Brushed aluminium tube with gold end caps and a black rod bag finished it off.
    'Scuze the not so great pics, not the best lighting available.
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