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Thread: Sinking line recommendations?

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    Default Sinking line recommendations?

    Ive been using a Rio Mainstream wf4s for a week and although mid priced,it does perform mid priced.It tangles easily(i find my top of range lines dont tangle as much),has considerable memory and is rather stiff.
    Can someone recommend a really good sinker?top of the range or other?

    thanks in advance

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    Hi Ryan,

    In my opinion, the Airflo 6th Sense sinking range of lines can't be beaten, it comes in a slow and fast intermediate, Di3, Di5, Di7. I have had one of these since 2007, and it is still in good condition.

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    Agree with Philip.
    Airflo is the industry standard for subsurface lines. Had a line that I fished a lot and it lasted 15 years.

    try polishing your existing line, it sometimes helps with the tangles to "slide" loose a bit easier.
    normal "Line speed" or the standard MR MIN, furniture polish works very well.
    apply some to a soft cloth and pull the line 3 or 4 times thru it.
    The first 2 or 3 casts you might think it does not "want to sink" there after it is back to normal sinking
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    Hey philip do you sell them?

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    Hi Ryan,

    Yes, will reply to your mail.

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    The Airflo di7's I've had are useless re durability. 3 or 4 sessions and they crack and the white core starts showing.

    I'd look at the Cortland Compact Sink 9 if I was you if you want something that sinks fast, handles better and lasts the distance.

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    Another in support of Airflo Sixth sense lines - really well worth it and have stood the test of time
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