I had a conversation with a couple of fly fishers in the last week.

We chatted about the various styles of fly fishing, why do a specific style etc.
We talked about upstream dry fly, down stream dry fly, Wet flies, soft hackles, the various forms of nymphing, streamers etc.

It is amazing how many fly fishers are stuck in a rut, with only fishing one way, year in and year out.
This is what was shown to him many years ago, and he thinks this is the only way to fish.
Some say "it gives me pleasure so I do not need another way"
How can you know if you do not fish another way, or make sure you master another way to fish and then fish it that way.
Some have never tried streamers, other have never fished North country spiders, Upstream or the down stream way.

There are so many different ways to fly fish, why be stuck in a rut, doing one way only?
Go out, try downstream nymphing, or swing a wet fly or 2, on the Cape streams or for Yellows on the Vaal or Orange.
You might be surprised how many more trout you get on the Cape Stream with North Country spiders. or how many more SM yellows you will get along the edges of the Vaal and Orange with a traditional March Brown wet fly