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Thread: De Mond for Clannies and Smallies

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    Default De Mond for Clannies and Smallies

    I'm fortunate enough to be spending a few days at De Mond in December.

    Hopefully going to be targeting some Clannies and SMB's. I have never targeted either before but have taken some tiny SMB's on dry when targeting trout.

    But the Clannies is what I'm really after. Need to check this one off the bucketlist!

    I normally am fishing for Natal Yellows and Trout with a little bit of barbel bashing and largemouth bass in between.

    I have done a bit of reading and research into Clannies but any tips or advice on flies (colours, sizes etc), techniques, gear etc would be greatly appreciated. It seems that I will not be throwing the usual #16-20 nymphs but gooing Meatsticks and Clousers. They sound like both species will eat 'em.

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    the nyphfs are a back up along with small streamers if the fish are spooky my preference of fly size is 8#-16#
    Retrieves i find change from time to time so experiment with different tactics but with bass being bass twitching a #14 wooly bugger in front of them seldom gets ignored. on a average day any streamer will work
    i use a 2/3 wt for small fish and carry a 5/6 wt with me in case a school of large yellows swims past
    try not to fish a heavier outfit than necessary


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