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Thread: Looking for deadly snail patterns?

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    Default Looking for deadly snail patterns?

    Im looking to start fishing snail patterns in local stillwaters.I cant find any in SBS.Can some patterns please be recommended?

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    If you google 'snail fly pattern' you will get loads of results. But the peacock and spider(?) is a good snail immitation. I also cut a strip of dark brown foam about 10cm long x 5-6mm wide and 2mm thick, tie a simple overhand knot in it and viola you have a snail's shell body to tie onto your hook. Then make a small dubbing brush with olive/brown maribou to wrap around the base of the shell and tie off. add mono eyes for a fly that will catch fishermen.

    If I remember correctly there are a few patterns and discussions on various threads here, so type snail pattern into the search bar

    In the Dec/Jan issue of flyfishing magazine there is an article too with lots of info and some patterns and how to fish them. Both floating and sinking.


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