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Thread: Fly tying materials from overseas?

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    Default Fly tying materials from overseas?

    I have a friend coming from the States in Feb.I need some feathers and hair.
    Is it possible for my friend to bring this stuff in or will it get confiscated at customs?

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    Hi Ryan,

    You will need vet certificates both there and here, bit risky from what I know. Maybe someone else will give more up to date info. You might get it in, but chances are that they will confiscate it.

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    Thanks Philip would they pick it up on a scan or go through a bag search?

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    Oh, missed that it was coming with a friend, not directly from a shop. We have traveled before with feathers and fur materials to New Zealand, if the product was in the original packaging it was fine, saying that, it was back in 2008 might have changed a lot since. They will possibly still take it if found, I am not sure.


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