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Thread: Alflexo crab and the fly flex

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    Default Alflexo crab and the fly flex

    Hi Guys

    I am tying up a few alflexo crabs but I am find the fly flex material extremely difficult to work with. DO you guys have any tips onto how to tie the material to the hook ? That's the hardest part.
    I have managed a few crabs but getting the material on is such a mission.
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    Looks good. Did you run a flame over the end of the fly flex. Holds the ends together.

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    Hi Reveck,

    I haven't tied one before. Stiff, slippery synthetics can be a challenge to work with, it also eat any blade. Have you had a look at this SBS, might help -

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    hi thanks for info

    I did follow the same SBS Phillip. looking at the SBS again I see the clear flyflex was used. Perhaps it is not stiff as the white and tan I bought. i also bought the pearl flyflex. the pearl is a lot less stiff compared to the white and tan. I tried boiling the tan and white material to see if hot water softens it but no luck.


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