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Thread: Nemba, trout and Ramaphosa

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    Cyril Ramaphosa is a keen trout fisherman...I recall that CPS made him a patron believe it or not.

    It seems that Fosaf stand against Nemba might get some support and clout...I wonder if there will somebody that has access to him and initiative that raises this issue with him and if so surely like all trouters will be on our side or is it wishfull thinking?

    He might feel strongly about this too and maybe some good will come.

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    There certainly can be no harm in engaging with the President.
    I believe "The Complete Flyfisherman", of whom the president is the patron is planning such a discussion.

    However, keep in mind that the President does not have any mandate to over rule laws passed.
    Where no law has been passed, he may well have influence.

    Remember that NEMBA has a mandate to eradicate so called invasive species, so again though the President may weigh in with some influence, it is doubtful that he can force a decision in favour of trout.

    Were this a one party state where the President has absolute power, may of course have had a different outcome.


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