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Thread: Vaal river summer fishing 2018/19

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    Default Vaal river summer fishing 2018/19

    I looked at the dams in the Vaal river system.
    The end of the winter is approaching and the levels for all the dams are almost full
    Grootdraai 90%
    Vaal Dam 97,58%
    Bloemhof dam 102%
    With no dams to capture the rain water, it will not take much to make sure the rivers are running pretty high, for most of the season.
    The same applies for the Orange river.
    Gariep dam 92%
    van Der Kloof 98%

    With friends that returned from the Richtersveld, and the Orange being to high to fish for the 8 days, and that in the middle of the winter (most of the water was from VDK release for electricity generation), I think we might have not have to much fishing this summer if it is a normal rainy season. But the good thing will be that the river gets a long term flushing and not just a short flush of a couple of days.
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    Good to see lots of water in our dams, also higher flows compared to previous seasons. The orange collecting from the vaal and other tributaries will see higher flows for an extended time, but don't despair, water quality here will keep me off the water even at 25 cubes.

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    With the state of the Vaal being worse than that of a sewer at the moment I doubt if there will be ANY fishing of the Vaal for the nest two to three years. IF we have good rains and a long term flushing of the system it won't stop the municipalities from dumping their sewage into the river. In fact history has shown that the more rain and higher flows just encourages them to dump more due to it not being as apparent.
    Pessimist that I am, I would say, say goodbye to the Vaal for any form of recreation , but especially fishing for the foreseeable future.
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