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    Default Rubber legs

    Hello chaps

    I wanted to tie some crab and squid flies and found that I didn't have any rubber legs in my goodie box.
    So like any good fisherman,I started fossicking around in my workshop and came across a whole bunch of old
    Spinnerbait skirts.After a good wash in hot soapy water,I've got more rubber/silicone legs in a plethora of colours
    than I will need for a long time.
    It just proves my philosophy:Never throw anything away that may come in handy.

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    Hi Galeforce,

    Great, rubber will outlast silicone by a large margin. Silicone becomes dry after some exposure to the elements and breaks.

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    I've tied rubber legs from 'rekkies' you get in an old onnerbroek to using the elastic in some of my girls 'haarrekkies' they use to tie their hair. Metres if the stuff is being thrown away every day, all shapes and sizes.

    For colour: bought an assortment of permanent marker pens, brown, green, yellow and black. Keeps well and if you see the colour fading on your hopper legs after some trips to the water it is very easy to just touch up the colour again. Works great!


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