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Thread: How to teach a youngster to cast with a fly rod

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    Default How to teach a youngster to cast with a fly rod

    Hello All,

    Hope all is well, I've been asked to teach one of my friend's little boy how to cast with a fly rod.

    Does anyone have tips or advise that i can give, i'm a bit of a lousy teacher

    Best regards,

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    Hi Etienne,

    Taking you have to do be the teacher?

    I would suggest the following:

    - Kids in general find it difficult to wait for the line to load the rod, or get the timing right on the back and forward cast. Overload the rod with up to three line weights (8wt line on 5wt rod eg), it makes it easier for them to feel the weight of the line works.
    - Release of the line on the forward stroke is ONLY after the the acceleration and stop, they tend to just let the line run/feed and the cast collapses.
    - Shorten the leader 9ft or less.
    - Get one of those Stealth casting wrist aids, not sure if they still stock them.

    And then, bite on your teeth and pray, that is vital Or tell his dad to book a lesson with Mark Yelland.


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