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Thread: Your Memorable Fish

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    Default Most memorable fish

    My most memorable fish to date has to be one I caught on SB5.
    It was not a very good day out and the spirits were a bit down and I was stripping a dry fly across a pool and it sunk slightly, so I was just trying to get it back to me for the next cast and bang a fish hit the fly at speed. I played the fish for a long time being very carefull not to loose it. The fish was landed and relaesed, I did not measure it but was the largest fish I have seen come out of the streams.
    So one thing I did learn from all this is that at times it helps to try something different on the streams when the going is tough.

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    Ahh mine has to be this yellow in the Spekboom... Not big by any standard but quite an experience.

    Hot summer day, late afternoon in the bushveld. The river flowing strong and brown. Normaly we sight fish this crystal clear and shallow river.

    We hiked a few k's downstream and worked our way back up the left bank of the river. There is a steep cliff on this side of the river and the whole river bank is rocky. (The opposite bank is ande with lots of trees and reeds.)

    My mate went ahead and I sat down for a few minutes apreciating this scene and wating for the fish he had spooked to calm down...

    Fishing was tough as even heavily weigted flies couldn't get to the bottom. I decided a bright fly would work best in this dirty water and tied on a green rock worm with a bead. I fished the slower flowing sections of the river. i reached a spot where the river was flowing over a solid rock (part of the cliff) There was a sort of gully created over years of flow in this rock. it was about 4m long and 1 m wide and the water was flowingnice and slow over this rock, no deeper than 10cm. I noticed the 'lines' on the surface of this flat rock made by the yellows feeding on the algae growing here (out of the current and in some sun).

    I went back about 15m and sat down. I though that the yellows must be around and it will only take awhile for them to forget that i was here and then i'l cast to them in the shallow. This is what makes this fish great: then i took out my last ice cold balck label and sipped on it slowly as the sun went down over the furthest bend in the river...

    After I drank the beer there were still no sign of fish. I thought I'd make a cast anyway. First cast was perfect! The whole fly line lying on the rocky bank of the river and only my 9ft leader in the shallow water. The fly barely touched the water and flying out of the murky depths came this fish. It hapend so damn quick. In an instant he was back into the current.

    He took a massive 0cm of line but it was still one of the best little yellows I have cought, experience wise. I have no idea of the species. I know smallscales are most common but the odd largescale have also been taken. Then there is the fact theat many years ago some of the smallmouth yellow 'escaed' from the fishery upstream and these hybidised with the 'indigenous' yellows.

    This is the setting...

    Here is the little bugger...

    Here is my biggest one from the spekboom. Another day, almost another river. Flowing crystal clear and shallow this time. He pulled the scale to over 1.5kg.
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