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Thread: mega clouser

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    Quote Originally Posted by deewy View Post

    and what bout bottom fish like red roman geelbek ect. I'm sure you can taret them from a boat sucsesfully and they give a lekker pull on light tackle.

    the heavy sinking line is on my shopping list. before christmas for the upcoming december holidays.
    I find about 10' of lead core line works wonders for getting a fly down deep fomr a boat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by swsmith View Post
    not a bad call would you connect them with wire or normal mono?
    have not done it myself, but i see the guys use coated nylon wire which they crimp with a little sleeve on one or both sides(not sure). When we went snoek fishing i took a much bigger hook( size i dont know) and thred it through the existing hook on my clouser. The short cut i suppose, but it worked like a bomb.

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