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Thread: Vaal Venues: Rod Fees

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yellowfever View Post
    Nee wat Boet. My experience with those guys, once they have your $$$ you can make sushi with the fish they don't care. Elgro exluded a bit !

    Yes they can agree to put up a poster funded by the YWG etc but no owner or his staff will walk 1km to the top rapid and wade across to stop you from fishing to spawning fish.

    No the responsibility lies with us to be law abiding and ethical. You talk on the mobile while driving? Against the law! I nail a few spawners to push up my tally for the day!

    Same problem in the WC, weekday - I don't book with the CPS and do a quick pm session on the Holsloot. Half way up beat 4 the guide (perplexed) with his $$-paying (fishless) client meet up with you.

    South Africa does have problems with a generally unethical society.

    You have it spot on there. We do have an unethical society!

    Wrt walking 1km and wading across a rapid to tell you not to fish a spawn bed, well, the pamphlet is more just to make those who are new and un-aware, aware!
    If YWG could implement something like this througout venues in SA, I would think we will have achieved the first step in conserving our Yellows. Essentially, laws are meant to be obeyed, thats why there are things like fines, jails, courts, lawyers, etc.
    Daryl Human

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    The NC provincial govt. is currently in a process of revising the local laws on conservation, fishing & hunting.
    The director has asked us as a club and the NCYWG to have insight and proofread the whitepapers.
    At least one department is starting to get into the flow of things. Just hope they will be able to enforce the laws that are being written.
    Still too many that don't give a flying f**k about bag limits, conservation and generally keeping the area clear of beer cans and other rubbish.
    Some venues in our area do charge a rod fee or beat fee, but very affordable considering the facilities available.
    Save our Yellows!

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    Just going over some old threads and i find this info about laws and by laws etc and it got me thinking about something that has been on the telly and in some of the papers here in KZN

    THe KZN parks board or department of enviromental affairs (cant remember which) are trying to pass some legislation on the keeping of animals in captivity and from what i can gather it goes something like this

    If that creature is still found anywhere in the wild (not just RSA) then it may not be kept in captivity at all in the KZN. This goes from budjies to elephants, from snakes to snails and even fish of all shapes and sizes.

    There is a big who ha about this as apparently they are trying to pass this legislation with out sending it past parliment first.

    Now i am no intilectual but from what i understand here comes the K@K

    Go figure
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    Quote Originally Posted by Herman Jooste View Post
    Reading these posts is making me mad and happy at the same time.
    Mad 'cos someone is trying to rip off the wave of flyfishermen who don't take up space on the bank, meaning there can be more people on the water.
    Happy 'cos I now have further justification for having bought an inflatable canoe. All I need is a launch site and then paddle to the "rip off" water whaere I can fish without the rip off artist being able to do a damn thing about it.
    Don't go to Tim's place with this attitude,he'll confiscate ur stuff he reckons.

    His view is that common property was established based on the poor moons who needed access to water,not for fishing.

    I reckon land owners r far to stuck up in this regard.Ja get a launch pad on other save property but paddle/fish where u want.I aggree with the launch pad issue,not the common river.

    We have to be very careful with this because there r some nutjobs around with itchy trigger fingers(.22 caliber)

    Make ur own rules on ur farm/plot but leave the water alone land owners!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scythe View Post
    Saw the same thing this past weekend at Silverstrome.

    Two baities were catching SM in the rapids on rysmiere or something similar and religiously releasing every SM they caught, keeping the Carp and so on in the keep net.

    I saw their lines and asked where they were fishing, the dude told me and I waded well enough ahead of their lines to 1) Not get hooked and 2) Not piss them off.

    About 30 mins later up rocked two "Fly Fishermen" with supremely sh!t attitudes and walked in directly over their lines with no regard for the baities or for their own safety, you could hear the baities getting moerig and quite frankly, after they TOLD the d!ckhead where their lines were and he still waded in over them, who can blame them.

    You could hear the same idiots having a terribly bad on water demeanor as they followed the three of us who were fishing together around to the main run, frequently being within range of getting hooked by a back cast.

    Some "fly fishermen" are just as bad if not worse than the baities who hang out at Oosthuizens, moer their kids and slaughter LM.
    And getting high on dagga,I was really afraid walking past,u always get some dh tuning u k@k.

    If u ignore them,they chirp u,if u reply,they still look at you funny.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gerrit View Post
    And getting high on dagga,I was really afraid walking past,u always get some dh tuning u k@k.

    If u ignore them,they chirp u,if u reply,they still look at you funny.
    My first time at Strome, I had the same shit! Now I'm a cool calm guy...till you f@(K me off with some stupid remark. Yes, I agree......respect fellow fisherman......whether a papgooier or fly fisher, but listen to this!
    Two laaities graced me with such a k@k remark the other day. They were hauling in monster yellow's with pitte. I went to them and asked them what they are planning to do with that fish (because they kept every fish, some dying on the bank). One tuned me strait to "foxtrot oscar" as his dad owns this place! So I waited, as soon as his line hit the water, I grabed it and pulled his whole setup in the water (inclueding one rod rest). I dont know if he got his stuff back......but he was dead quite after that! Never had k@k there again, so I take it........they lied!!!
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