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Thread: Accommodation Sterkfontein

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    Probably less than 20km, but last time I was there the road was a disaster. You launch at the municipal camp site.

    Qwantani is great if you can get in.

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    I need to meet someone in Bergville later this week and hope to make a fishing trip from it.

    I'll be at Sterkfontein dam from around 12h00 on Wednesday, most likley at the reserve, not usre yet.

    If anyone is keen to join me let me know (or if I can join you). I have no experience at Sterkies and would like a mentor!

    What type of flies work this time of the year? (DDD's?) Also where at the reserve is a good spot to start fishing?


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    Hi Jacques,

    The reserve is a good place to go if you do not have a boat. After you enter the resort go left and follow the road around the dam untill you reach the "small" dam wall. Some good fishing to be found there and further down, all just depends on how the wind is blowing. Look for cruising fish, they are often very close to the bank (less than 5m). Look out for spawning fish and avoid them completely.

    Flies which you can take with is the traditional Good Doctors Beetle (purple & bronze), hopper patterns, flying ant patterns (both the small black & red ones as well as termites), clinkhammers & other emerger types, DDD in cream & black and then also small nymphs to suspend from your main dry fly (in a dry-dropper configuration). You might also want to take with some damsel imitations to actively fish along the edges.

    Most important is not the flies, it is to be stealthy, wear natural clothing (tans & browns & greens), keep your rod low at all times, keep yourself low at all times (something along the lines of crouching tiger hidden dragon), take some time to watch the area you plan to fish from a hidden spot. The fish spook easily without really showing it (to the less experienced) and they affect all other fish swimming by (this will frustrate the living dalylight out of you if you dont know this happened.. ;-))

    Regarding tackle, 5wt floating, 4x tapered leaders with 5x tippets, total leader length as long as you can manage (if you can do 15ft that is ideal, however if you cannot cast a 15ft leader properly (like me), rather make it shorter and get proper presentation. Also have some leader/tippet de-greasing agent to make it sink and to remove the shine.

    Lastly, do not strike when a fish takes the fly (5x tippet, no need to say much more!), just lift the rod gently (yeah right that sounds easier than it is!) and let the fish clear the fly line to the reel (good reason to manage your line around your feet orderly, otherwise you will speak in foreign languages more often than not!)

    Hope this helps somewhat, I am not experienced on Sterkies at all, but this info will serve you well!

    Best of luck, hope you catch that slab of gold!

    P.S. Last bit of advice, if you do fish alone, please do not place the fish on the rocks next to your rod to take a photo, I know you want to keep a memory, rather hold it in the water and take the photo. Placing the fish out of the water on rocks or ground can easily cause damage which will eventually lead to the fish dying.

    Best Regards


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    The Wife & I stayed at Windmill Farms a couple of weeks ago at the beginning of November. They are in the process of renovating and we were allocated a newly done unit. Very nice and clean! As to fishing we walked down to the dam. There is a road but gate is locked. I think Windmill Farm do have a key for it though.

    There is no slip way to launch a boat unless a little aluminium boat which can be hand carried? Lots of fish in that bay and we had good fun for total novices!

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