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Thread: I could not believe my eyes

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    A fly fisherman's worst nightmare is that when he dies, his SWAMBO will sell his tackle for what he said he paid for it...

    Well done and welcome to the club!!
    "Judge of a man by his questions rather than by his answers" - Voltaire 1694 - 1778

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    Thumbs up Lekke man...

    Quote Originally Posted by hermanb View Post
    I am new to fly fishing, had my first casting lesson on Saturday. I went to a dam near where I live in the Strand, and started practicing my casting, I know that there is carp in this dam, but never thought that I will ever catch one. After about an hour of casting, it happend, the carp took a woolly bugger, it ran about with my line, I turned it and we where on. I was so excited, the thrill of catching my first fish on a fly. It was awsome, unfotunately I pulled to hard when the carp was near the edge of the dam, and the fly came loose, I could see the carp in the shallow water, probably about 2.5 kg. what a thrill, I am now hooked on fly fishing.
    Herman, I suggest you try and get a hold of Sean Mills's stuff on Flyfishing for carp, he has written a book on freshwater fishing in SA and has instructional DVD's on fresh and saltwater fishing methods, etc. (

    Glad you are enjoying such early thrills, I managed 3 outings in the salt (before that was practising casting for months) which resulted in a 15cm garrick on the weekend (first catch). No matter, the size of your catch does not determine if you are a fly junkie, I think you are... Judging from what I have read...

    Enjoy the rush!

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