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    Hey guy's a quick hello from Ozi land - fecking great down here having a ball - been North of Brisbane - up to Yeppoon and fished in Roslyn bay - got a couple of fish then down to Baragara Beach - fished again and nailed a few Mackerel and some other stuff (stuffed if I know what they are ) then down to Moolooaba - fished the estuary this morning and caught some stuff again haven't a clue what they are Brim perhaps?.

    Anyhow I'm in Brisbane tonight going down the Gold coast in the morning then of to Townsville tomorrow night and into Sydney for the weekend.

    You goto love Australia - almost as good as Vancouver (he he)

    Speak again over the weekend (when I can get onto broad band)

    All the best

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    Sound like the fishing went great so far, where's those promised catch reports...any pics of those un namely fish?
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    Lucky fish... enjoy...
    Mike McKeown

    You're either fishing or waiting...


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