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Thread: What sets good Czech nymphers aside?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chris williams View Post
    Cut the cr@p with percentages and European country names - some of us also went to school past 'Fifth Graders'...

    Quote Originally Posted by Korrie View Post
    A lot of people think that a fly line will spook a fish, and this was asked to Jiri as well.
    His take on it is "some many things float down a river, fish is used to things floating over them." I repeat, float over them, not landing close to them.

    CZ is actually down down stream. NOT upstream as with dry fly. only in the thinnest of water do they wade upstream.
    Their take on it is as follows.
    A. why fight the water, go with the flow.
    B. If you hook a fish 90% of the time it will run upstream. So it you fish upstream, and hook a fish, the chances of spooking the next fish upstream is great, when it runs.
    But if you fish downstream you take the top fish first, it runs upstream and won't spook the rest of the fish.
    IF YOU FISH DOWN STREAM the line lands upstream from the fish and is floating towards the fish, it does not spook.

    In no way do I profess to be an expert on CZ, I just had to opportunity to spend a long time with one of the best, fishing on small medium and large rivers for different species. This have given me insight and access to more detail than the normal flyfisher out there.
    I am trying to pass some of the knowledge that I have gained.
    But the bottom line is to quote Jiri Klima "U moest practice"
    As I stated in my other post all fish are different. Indeed many fish don't care about fly line, but on the other hand some do. Also how are they fishing downstream? Personally I have never seen this done. I have watched the Czech team (youth) fish the same waters I fish for a World Championship and they were always fishing in a similar manner to us. No down stream, no really short leaders. Would you please explain this down stream method? I do not think I have even heard of it in Karel's book.

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    Watch Klima's dvd and u'll see the down stream method.I must add that he did not catch a fish whilst demonstrating the tecnique.


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