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Thread: Breede River

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    Nice Grant,

    I personally haven't caught bass in and after spawning with sores around their mouths, might be wrong, hopefully there is no need for concern. Maybe someone else can inform us?

    Thanks for the report.

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    Yes it was a nice day if you ignore the wind ... he he he
    I slept like a baby last night, I was out, I got up this morning with a knee tan.

    Yes as grant mentioned the fish had sores/wounds in the corners of their mouths. I th eimage I tried to show it, I never noticed this on the breede bass. I suspect its got something to do with spanning, due to the fact the bass was not holding in the normal areas. I caught one on a popper far away from any cover almost in open water.

    The next time we will now where to push and where to fish more. We travelled 5km and it took us 7h50 (we left slanghoek 08h40 and we reached our exit point 16h30. Its a long way with lots of fishing in between.
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