Hi Sam,
Leerie chases on flipper only, but very few in the system at that stage.

Tried deer hair prawns, clousers, crazy Charlie's for grunter (sight fishing) on the sand flats. Water was clear - I could actually see some of the grunter giving me the finger. Never mind, working on a Plan B already!

Mullet caught on small white hopper (amp Hippos) tied on a Gamakatsu sc15. #8. Most mullets caught on a bread fly - same hooks, but just a small piece of wool (as in slippers wool) tied to hook. Normally 2 flies- one treated in Loon Hydrostop that floats higher and acts as a strike indicator and the point fly just wool that sinks slightly. I also tried small shrimp flies - same hooks- that quite often works well for mullet at Hangklip, Cape Town. I actually tagged the one mullet - perhaps the only mullet with a tag in South Africa!������. With Polaroids you can sight cast at the mullet, and grunters.

Good luck