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Thread: Inanda Dam Fishing

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    Quote Originally Posted by chris williams View Post
    We're not talking Vaalie woosie papgooiers here, we're talking real macho flyfishers with AK47's and anti-materiel Denel Darth Vader guns. We're talking guys who have camo payamas..
    And barber wire belts
    and wipe their behinds with angle grinders and 9mills
    The best day to go fishing is any day that ends in a "y"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wade View Post
    My old age is catching up.

    Sorry Paul i confused you with shaun.........

    What a nana i am..........

    Tried tying some squidies but they are not as effective as that one you gave me.......

    Will keep trying...

    Sorry again fo rthe case of mistaken identity

    No Worries china, it's all good. Bummer about the bay though...That was a spot we were just starting to get back into properly and now it's ruined.

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    Hey Paul

    Don't stress we are still catching in the Bay. I caught a Pickhandle Barracuda on Sunday. The dropshot guys have been catching big Pickhandles, Springer & Kingies. The water has been awesome. The weekend before I also got a Garfish. I will let you know what the plans are for this weekend.

    Wade - please let us know when you are down again!!


    Born to fish, forced to work

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