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    Default A tip on wire

    Might not be new to some but for me it is.

    We get so caught up with not changing/evolving patterns that we get stuck using old and used patterns everytime we go out fishing and also getting bored looking at our flyboxes.

    By mixing/adding colours of wiring u can actually make very very impressive,easy to use and tie,very impressionistic patterns.

    What I've done is this:

    My tying in 2 colours of wire simultaneously,u can make beautifull brassies for example.

    Just to give u an idea I've used black and silver wire together to imitate an emerging midge.

    Black & Olive for emerging caddis.

    For the latter 2 u could use black thread for the body but I prefer using wire alone.Cover the shank with glue and ur sorted.

    Try it out,u'll be pleasantly surprised.It beats looking/fishing flies that r tied using only one colour of wire.It brings variation to ur boxes.Makes tying fun again.U now what I mean.

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