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Thread: Pollsmoor carp

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    I finally caught a few carp after months of trying in the dam near my parents property. Usually there are just a few carp, cruising the steep edge sucking in food along the bank. So, it was a perfect day, not a breath of wind, I walked along the dam wall and only saw this one mad carp sucking things off the surface and then buggering off.

    i was pretty bleak, since the activity was very low. Then I walked around to the opposite side of the dam to the inlets runnings down the mountain. There were about 100 carp, all just lying, sunbathing. It was crazy. Not one of them would move for anything. They were all frozen, barely even drifting. Like I said, I had been trying for months to catch these fish, and now I have 100's infront of me, and not one was eating. It felt like this carp curse was never going to let up. It became comical.

    Eventually after sitting and watching for about an hour, one fish started to move around, sucking things off the scumlines. I scrambled through my fly box and found a size 16 DDD, which I cast out at the cruiser. Ignored. Cast again, ignored. I eventually realised this fish wasn't going to move for food that wasn't on its nose. I eventually put the fly about 10cms in front of its gaping mouth and he sucked the fly in! A terrible fight (really me just dragging the fish in) of about 30 seconds, and the fish was on the side. It had taken ages, since last summer in fact, to land a carp, and I was super happy. So after I released this fish, there was only one other fish eating off the surface, which I caught after a quick, few casts.

    I felt vindicated, after seriously doubting I would ever land a mudtroll.

    Happy Days

    Sorry for the bad pics - J

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    Well done.
    Sure you will have more success from here on.

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    mmm, Perhaps easy to get in, but what about getting OUT!
    Will give it a miss for now - not yet desperate!

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