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Thread: CDC Nymph - Step by Step

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    Quote Originally Posted by dlampert View Post
    Read the last sentence after the pics - I rib with cotton and silver wire.
    Quote Originally Posted by dlampert View Post
    Hook: Grip 12003 #14 or equivalent
    Bead: 2mm Fluoro Orange Tungsten
    Thread: Gordon Griffiths Sheer Thread (Colour to match body)
    Tail, abdomen & thorax: CDC Feather (Colour of choice)
    Thanks, did not note it in the material list, my bad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael View Post
    Hi Pierre

    I get mine from overseas, J.S. Flyfishing.
    They are quick to deliver, reliable, and I have never had anything go missing (touch wood). The guys' name is James...he deals with a bunch of guys in South Africa, so he knows the drill.

    Or check out the direct link:
    Just scroll through the pages, there is a hell of a lot of feathers there, the CDC is on some of the pages.

    Mike, I tried to order some CDC from James and he said:

    "The cul de canard feathers cannot be shipped to South Africa due to regulatory requirements. In general, natural materials require very expensive documentation that makes retail sales uneconomical. I'm sorry we can't send these to you and need to cancel these items."
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    Out of interest, this fly has bagged a couple of trout in my last two trips to lakies. For Lakies it is best tied in Brown, Olive, or Natural grey, without a bead, in sizes 10-14.

    It's a standard in my stillwater box now.
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    Nice one Darryl. Your version is much easier (yay!) than the one I do - where I use Fuzzy Bug Yarn for the body, and palmer the CDC forward (and have to strip half the CDC feather for the palmering - and I just *hate* doing that...seems such a waste of a feather, although I keep the loose fibres for dubbing material...).

    The benefit of using the Fuzzy Bug Yarn is that you can twine 2 colours together for a more natural look - the black and dark green are really cool together and I recently made some with black and the "bug brown".

    On the #14, I use a 2.5mm fluo-orange tungsten bead, and have been asked to make up some with 2 beads for extra weight. It also looks quite nice if the front bead is a gold and the 2nd bead (more to the middle of the shank) is the fluo-orange - kinda looks like a egg batch).

    Looking to get some of those 3D beads - the "eyes" on the front bead will look soooooper cool!



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