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Thread: 12 Weight Setups

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    Geez, these look good too.

    Crazy prices!

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    A couple of thoughts here.
    There is a difference in applications for 12wts.Generally fly rods are designed for fishing flats or coastline.then manufacturers have developed 12-15wt rods for boat need to determine what your main focus will be. The scychelles guys buy rods to stop GT's on the flats and then throw heavy lines off the boats. off mozam the preference is for the more boat style.
    1.if you are land based ie kosi, scychelles etc. you will be generally fighting your fish across the horizontal plane. the rod is designed to be a casting and pulling tool.generally thinner blanks and longer reach aimed at line speed and casting. Brand names that come to mind(there could others i can't think of)sage,t&t,stealth,tfo,Vision,explorer,loomis, shimano.
    2. The other one is the offshore boat rod.its designed to lob cast heavy lines and is aimed at lifting off the bottom.these rods are heavy duty thick blanks shorter reach.these are not aimed at tight are dropping 700g lines down on to the reefs and pulling back up. Brand names-Stealth,Cam zigler.Tfo.

    Now for the controversial comment!!!!
    Stay away from any rods that fall into the category 1 that have double handles.
    the handles are made to be "resting" grips. However what we see and hear is that guys end up using that grip as a pulling or lifting point. in effect you turn a 9ft rod into a 7ft rod.particularly when fishing off boats as guys get tired.
    the pulling power in the butt section is wasted. if you know how to use an assist grip then cool!i suspect the most of us don't and therefore don't get the full use of power out of the rod.that includes me.

    Its contentious as to whether the rods break more or less with the assist grips.sage do have them, loomis and scott don't.

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