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    Default aluminium dumbell eyes

    I have been using 5mm dumbell eyes with painted on eyes, however the only ones that I can find in cape town is either BIG lead eyes that is way to heavy to cast or BIG aluminium eyes that I have seen often on mega clousers. My question is, if I use these eyes on my 1/O hooks, wouldn't they hinder hookups? or would you guys rather recommend them for bigger hooks. The size I can get is 8mm eyes.

    thanks guys
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    Default Alu Eyes

    I use these eyes when tying size 4-8 Clousers , for of-shore work , from the boat , or to cast of the beach with a 10-12wt rod. These eyes , to my understanding , are designed for building casting flies , as opposed to Mega Clousers with heavy lead eyes , which don't get cast , but "lobbed" out , and rely on the weighted line to get down.
    I used both version in Moz in May , and they served their purposes as intended.

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    Ive found that using these eyes my fly doesnt swim "clouser" style......tends to do its own thing
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    Quote Originally Posted by swsmith View Post
    Ive found that using these eyes my fly doesnt swim "clouser" style......tends to do its own thing
    I have started using them and they are actually quite lekker. my flies swim right way up. But I still want to know why can't we get any decent dumbell eyes anywhere.
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    Sounds like one of the new Robin Hoods may be able assist us on your latter query shortly??!!
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