I just returned from Jefferys and man, what a wake up call! The big blue is not the Vaal!

My setup was dismal and I could not even perform the most basic of fishing with them heavy flies! I only targeted the lagoons for leervis (garric), but my #6 could only manage to toss a few poppers, if I put on anything with a dumbell eye it just splashed around at my feet!

What I would do if ever I muster up the courage to again tackle the big blue is get myself:
At least an #8
Decent shooting head
Proper reel

And don't think you can get anything from the locals, fly fishing is extinct in Jefferys and there is no gear to be found, anywhere! No lines, to speak of, only those cheap R70-00 jobs, no shooting heads, no worthwhile rods, very limited supply of flies, and no one to give you a few pointers...

Drop shot is the new fad there...

Man, it does pay to listen to the people from here, make proper preperations otherwise you're going to do allot of window shopping with SWAMBO!