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Thread: Kowie River, Port Alfred

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    Quote Originally Posted by gazzarowan View Post
    hey guys

    my friend is going to this area in 3 weeks time.we don't know the area well at all, but he would like to try some ff there in the river.

    would anyone be able to help with what fish are around there this time of the year?
    and if so willing, what sorts of flies to take? when do the leeries come around; the warmer months?

    any help would be greatly appreciated!

    thanks a mil guys

    If it's between the 9th-12th of Sept, then rather bring your golf clubs, university Boat Races over then!! which is gonna be one HUGE jol

    Otherwise there are a host of more suitable FF rivers both north and south of there... But September i think you will be a little hard pressed to find excellent fishing??
    I'll stay as long as i can fish. . .

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    Haha...thanks bud

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