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Thread: The Vaal trip report

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    Not close enough to the Vaal


    Quote Originally Posted by MCC View Post
    Hi there Mayfly

    The sink rate gets a bit complicated or rather long to explain, but it sinks faster than mono and this is enough for me.

    I have used only /primarily the XL for about four years now and can assure you that the knot strength and abrasion resistence is very good.

    I once bought a spool of the Vanish and threw it away very fast. It did not impress me at all and I don't even think that I got as far as fishing with it. Similarly the Sightfree G3 is horrible stuff and even the UK agents did not reccommend it. It makes very good ribbing on Czech Nymphs though.

    MC, I guess I started with some crapp Flouro (Bought 3 spools of Vanish!!! ), so my views are a bit tainted when it come to my experience with Flouro.

    Was really disappointed with all the claims of "higher abrasion resitance, higher density and invisible qualities". The bottom line was that I lost a lot of fish and spent more time retying tippets and flys, than I cared for.

    But I'll give the XL and the Rio that GGY recommended a try and let you know if I covert.

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    I have been using this stuff for a while. The 3, 4, 6 and 8lbs stuff does not say saltwater on it.

    I find it very abrasive resistant with great knot strength, it has landed some really big fish, even on the light weight rating.

    However it is not meant for small streams, dry fly fishing. Its just too stiff.
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