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Thread: When does a fly become bait/lure?

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    maybe not, and that may be why nobody catches them consistently...although it is only a theory and I'm waiting for evidence to see if it can be disproved...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andre View Post
    Back to the thread,
    I have heard thet the Czech national team sometimes tie their nymphs with eel skin. This sure seems strange, but they might have found a loop hole in the regulations regarding competitions.
    Yes, eel skin has been popular for centuries (pre-synthetic days) as a 'body wrap' for Devon Minnows (old artificial UK fish imitation) because of it's durability and pliability. I know the Eastern Euros in the Iron Curtain days often used this, salami skin, birch bark and other odds/sods for backs for their nymphs. Possiblyt mainly because Western synthetics may have been unavailable. Whether the ell/salami skins give/gav eoff aromas I cna't answer not having ever tried them!
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