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Thread: Vaal trip - help with yellows

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    Default Vaal trip - help with yellows

    Hi, i am still new to Fly Fishing and have planned a trip to the Vaal next weekend , can any body help me with Tips, Techniques, What Flies are good for yellows and how should i fish said flies. any help would be awesome.


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    At present the best way top target the yellows in the Vaal is with dry fly in the deeper pools. To get to them, you will need either a boat, inflatable or float tube. Don't waste your time in the shallower riffles and rapids, this is winter time and the fish migrate to the deeper slower moving water and pools.

    a 5wt 9' rod with floating line is sufficient. Check out what is hatching and also fish a dropper fly a foot or two under the dry fly. Try emerging mayfly imitations too.

    You will have to locate the fish, don't just blind cast. Look for rises, and cast to them.


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