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Thread: Tippet sizes - X, Dia, Lbs, Kgs

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShaunF View Post
    Hi Nic, some brands, like Orvis for example, stamp the production date on the tippet spool.

    I remember a couple of years back, buying a spool of RIO Powerflex tippet at a shop I don't normally go to. The first time I used it, I kept getting broken off, again and again. Swopped to another spool and this stopped happening.

    As the shop was close to work, I took the spool back. The guy behind the counter refunded me, apologising that it was old stock. They are more of a conventional tackle shop and so don't turn over the little bit of fly fishing stuff they did have in stock.

    Cheers Shaun, i also had the same experience with a spool of tippet that kept breaking,i just assumed it was a dud and threw it away???

    I am glad i asked the stupid question now will know for next time.

    thanks Nick
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    Here is a little Excel program which converts a single input (mm/inch/X) into all three - just fill in the appropriate yellow field.

    Also includes a reference table for all three.

    Also shown is Stroft GTM breaking strengths for each diameter of Stroft - since this is the mono that I use when I do not use fluoro.
    NOTE - Stroft is stronger than other tippets and should not be used as a reference for other mono diameters - based on breaking strength.

    SIDE NOTE - many (cheaper) tippets do not measure the claimed diameter - some are in excess of 20% larger than claimed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nymph+O- View Post
    Nice one Mike! thanx for the effort in laying it down.

    I see there were some questions on leader setup/length and so on.... though I have posted it in the past
    is the link to download the "Leadercalc". Awesome little program to calculate leader lengths or customize your own with all the math build right into it for optimal results. Hell you can even make your own labels in this program - a true gem!

    I've used various of the leadecalc leaders on trout, bass and yellowfish with great results at a fraction of the price.

    Thanks for the cool spreadsheet boet..

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    Quote Originally Posted by GGY View Post
    SIDE NOTE - many (cheaper) tippets do not measure the claimed diameter - some are in excess of 20% larger than claimed.
    I would venture to say that almost all tippets understate their diameter and overstate their breaking strain.

    Here is a very interesting table, showing actual objective measurements of a variety of brands. Most of the brands are European, but I think you will get the general picture:

    Stroft GTM is consistently (deliberately?) 10% thicker than stated on the spool. But it is still very thin for breaking strain compared to other brands.

    It would seem (as a general rule), that marketers understate the diameter by 10% and overstate the breaking strain by 15%.
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