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    Hi guys

    I'm considering getting myself a 9weight for saltwater use. I currently fish in the salt with a 6weight and struggle to cast big flies especially when the wind is blowing....

    I have seen the threads on TFO rods, do they carry a warranty? Also any other brands that anyone would recommend?

    All info advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hey Liam,

    Salt water rods - straight away I would say things like Sage, Loomis, Scott, etc,etc.

    However I don't think you are looking at that end of the market.

    Soo, lets have a quick peek what is at the other end of the spectrum, I cannot talk about your local rods like explorer or Stealth, but I will look at the bigger picture.

    My top list of Inexpensive rods would look like this.

    Redington CPS

    This rod is extraordinary, unbelievably light and finished as good as anything twice the price - As a fishing tool - hard to beat even by the top brands.

    Guideline LPXE

    A rod from Sweden, fantastic action and as good as a Loomis


    I like this rod as it is crisp, light and value for money. I wasn't impressed with the rest of the range, however, this rod stands out well.

    St Croix

    The legend ultra - Nice rod - good action and finished well for the price.

    I hope this helps with your selection, Living in SA is difficult when buying rods as the dam exchange rate kills you guy's.

    However, look at the net and don't be shy to ask your local dealers to consider rods for their shops if you think there is a market out there for them.

    All the best
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    Thanks mike....

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    Also take a look at the backup service of each on the manufactures, some of them will try and have you back out on the water in a few days while others will take weeks/months to get a replacement section
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    Default Sensation Viking

    I managed to get my hands on a Sensation Viking for next to nothing. Apparently they are the old Reddington blanks?? Got a 9 wt and it's a beauty!
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    Quote Originally Posted by markhup View Post
    I managed to get my hands on a Sensation Viking for next to nothing. Apparently they are the old Reddington blanks?? Got a 9 wt and it's a beauty!
    Hi mark

    Thanks for the post. Where are these viking rods being sold? and what price are they? Also do they have good backup service?



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