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Thread: Hermanus/Kleinriver lagoon

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    After fishing the lagoon this weekend (see my catch report), I was frustrated on sunday by only getting follows and a few half hearted takes from shad.

    On the saturday the shad were nailing flippers, but on the sunday when it was overcast the shad were very reluctant to go for a fly on the surface. I saw no sign of any leeries.

    My questions to the forum:

    • What flies/techniques work when the fish are not taking aggressively/or when it is overcast?
    • Does anyone have any advice on where the good spots for leeries are in the lagoon?

    I am currently staying in hermanus and have access to a boat which I can use on the lagoon. If anyone is in the area and looking for a fishing buddy, please PM me and we can set up a fishing trip on the lagoon.


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    Tried sending you a PM cant receive. We met at De Mond, I had my son with me. Often go down to hermanus as as my Mom lives down there. I also belong to the syndicate but would also like fish the lagoon. i would like your contact details and as soon as I can get one through ....will get you mine.

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    I used to fish Hermanus very often, but for the past two seasons I just did not get around to it.

    My favourite fly is definitely the Popovicks Siliclone with a white tail and chartreuse head. I tie this fly on a 1/0 Trey Combs and fish it just sub-surface on an intermediate line. I have found that both the Leeries and Elf find this pattern irresistable and the Elf eat this fly really deep.

    When the estuary mouth is open I tend to concentrate on the area below Elf Point during the dropping tide. The fish move down with the current and then, as the tide starts pushing, they move back up the estuary. This area tends to get a little crowded during the holiday season though and when this happens I concentrate on the area around Spookhuis and Wortelgat for Leeries. The rocky area straight opposite Maanskynbaai on the far end of the estuary is also a good option for Elf.

    Before first light and until dawn, on a dropping tide, the far side of the channel opposite and up from Maanskynbaai is good for both species. The water is only about waist deep with lots of grass, but the fish move in here during periods of low light to feed on the large shoals of Haarder that hide on the far edge of the weedbeds.

    I hope this helps.


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    Thanks MC

    Iim gonna tie some of those flies. If u in the area, gimme a shout and we can go fishing.


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