Ja I thought of you Pieter when I read that response. Luckilly your bald headed guy in Cape Town hasn't read this thread yet. Anyway, I really like the light Sage rods, although they are quite expensive, a Sage (like most rods) will last forever if looked after. I have fished a txl 2wt for a few years and find it really awesome. it is direct, accurate, and reasonably good into a breeze. It is a bit light when trying to fish tandem patterns, and this is why I have now gone for the z-axis 3wt, and my life will never be the same again. It is more accurate than the txl, and can cope superbly with the short cast that Chris talks about. I know that some of the guys who fish with the old Sage LL, still rate it as one of the best srteam rods ever. If you can get a second hand Sage LL, buy it, my recommendation is anything that can cope with a really short cast, and can put the fly on a dime. But thats just me, I am Sage verskrik