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Thread: River Management

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    ... Surely there must be a National Body that speaks for all the fishermen, irrespective of which facet? ...

    The Yellowfish Working Group is a wonderful idea!! Now if only we (trout) could get that sort of support from FOSAF it would be grand!!

    While FOSAF is supporting that trout should not be erradicated, they are not actively supporting conserving and establishing projects to promote trout at all. Last project I heard they supported was the River Rangers in Clarens.
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    I fished with a Zimbabwean fellow on Sat who told me that the rivers in Zimababwe (the trout streams that is) are policed by the locals. The trout clubs pay the locals a rate which is dependant on the amount of fish caught from the rivers. The locals are thus incentivised not to poach and to prevent others from poaching or fishing illegally.

    The system works he says. Maybe the WTA could think about a system like this in the Barkly area?

    Just a thought

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